Video: Green buses for European Cities
Zero emission buses have been integrated in a number of European Cities to decarbonise transport. This video features 5 hydrogen fuel cell buses in Oslo since last May. This video was presented during the SET Plan Conference on 8 May 2013.
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Van Hool buses for Oslo
From May 2012 Ruter (Oslo Public Transport Executive) operates 5 fuel cell buses, with hydrogen as fuel in the realm of the CHIC project More info >>
Bus line 81 A
When the fuel cell buses come to Oslo they will run on the 81 A line More info >>
Video: Ruter’s hydrogen buses in Oslo emit only water vapor
Ruter, Oslo's and Akershus' public transport operator and CHIC partner has published a new video on the five  hydrogen buses currently in operation in Oslo More info >>
Akershus County Council’s Hydrogen Strategy 2014-2025
The Norwegian region of Akershus, which includes the capital Oslo, has adopted a strategy for the early introduction of hydrogen on 17 March More info >>
Oslo hydrogen fuel cell bus nominated for the Transnova prize
Ruter hydrogen buse  was nominated as one out of four candidates for the 2014 Transnova Prize . Transnova prize was awarded for the very first time.. More info >>
Oslo fuel cell buses in ordinary operation
The 5 fuel cell buses in Oslo (13 meter) started ordinary operation from 7 April 2013 and gradually increase to a full operation. The main operation will be at the bus lines 81 A (Oslo – Greverud) and 81 B (Oslo – Ødegården) between Oslo City Centre and the Kolbotn area.
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