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The first of Air Products’ fleet of hydrogen high pressure tube trailers operating in Europe is launched.

Air Products (NYSE:APD) will introduce the first of its SmartFuel® hydrogen high pressure tube trailers today, capable of transporting large volumes of hydrogen at high pressure to its growing network of SmartFuel® hydrogen fuelling stations. This trailer is the first of a fleet of new design, higher pressure hydrogen tube trailers due to be deployed in the coming months.

This state-of-the-art SmartFuel® high pressure tube trailer features specialised composite cylinders for hydrogen storage that enable cost effective hydrogen from central production facilities to be delivered directly to the fuelling station at a pressure well above 350 bar; a significant enhancement on the existing 200 bar industrial hydrogen delivery models. This increased pressure removes the need for onsite compression for 350 bar vehicle refuelling and significantly reduces site compression for 700 bar vehicle refuelling. Station operators see this benefit translated into lower capital investment in the station hardware, as well as a marked reduction in station operating costs.

Minimising the need for compression on site naturally leads to higher levels of reliability, as Air Products has demonstrated first hand at its SmartFuel® bus refuelling station in London, where high onstream levels are consistently in line with industry expectations. The SmartFuel® high pressure tube trailer delivery concept also significantly reduces the space needed to deploy hydrogen refuelling stations, particularly compared with onsite hydrogen production solutions, such as electrolysis.

The SmartFuel® high pressure tube trailer put into service today is supported by the FCH JU Clean Hydrogen in European Cities (CHIC) project

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