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Please find attached the presentations held during the 8th CHIC biannual meeting in Bolzano, on 26-27 March 2014.  
European Networks for Energy, Transport, Cities/Regions
27 Mar, 2011 ELTIS European Urban Mobility Portal; facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of urban mobility in Europe. UITP International Association For Public Transport Covenant of Mayors Signatories of the Covenant of Mayors contribute to these policy objectives through a formal commitment to go beyond this target through the implementation of their Sustainable Energy Action Plan. Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. POLIS Network of European cities and regions from across Europe, which promotes, supports and advocates innovation in local transport. Energycities European Association of local authorities inventing their energy future. EUROCITIES Network of major European cities ..read more
Related EU-funded Projects
03 Dec, 2010 Ongoing projects (state: January 2014): High V.LO-City: Cities speeding up the integration of hydrogen buses in public fleets. The project aims at deploying 14 fuel cell buses in 3 European regions (Liguria, Flanders and Scotland) Past projects: HyFLEET: CUTE The project brought together 31 partners from industry, Government, academic and consulting organisations ..read more
Hydrogen Vehicle Information
03 Aug, 2010 Hydrogen Fuel Cars Now Features the latest hydrogen concept automobiles and other vehicles, hydrogen highway, fuel cell technology, ICE engines plus production and infrastructure issues. H2 MOBILITY A comprehensive list of hydrogen cars and buses from around the world and from the initial trials and experiments ..read more
Hydrogen infrastructure
17 Dec Summary of the workshop on hydrogen metering accuracy
It is an objective of the CHIC project to monitor the accuracy of hydrogen meters in the CHIC cities. The workshop on hydrogen metering accuracy was set as a platform for discussing possible issues ..read more
20 Jan Report on Open Days (launch events) held in London, Oslo and Aarau
As part of the Project Dissemination Strategy (PDS) activities, launch events have been foreseen in each Phase 1 city to mark the official date the buses are put into daily service. The aim of the ..read more
Watch the videos of CHIC in Bolzano!
20 Dec, 2013 STA-AG has created two video clips on the CHIC project in Bolzano: One short video clip (in German,Italian and with English subtitles) explains the benefits of the hydrogen fuel cell bus technology and the project to the local population. A more detailed video shares the vision and first experiences of the local project partners involved. Watch the short video in Italian, German, English (subtitles) Watch the longer video in German with Italian subtitles, English (subtitles) ..read more
Video: Green buses for European Cities
09 May, 2013 Zero emission buses have been integrated in a number of European Cities to decarbonise transport ..read more
Swiss TV show features CHIC hydrogen bus
30 Oct, 2012 On 14 October 2012, the popular Swiss TV tcs motor show in Switzerland featured the hydrogen fuel cell bus of PostAuto which are operating within the EU co-funded Clean Hydrogen In European Cities project. Watch the video here (starting at 14:25 seconds) ..read more
Video on Hydrogen Bus Activities by HyCologne and RVK
15 Jul, 2011 Watch a video which explains all about the hydrogen bus activities in Cologne! Since May 2011 RVK (Regional Verkehr Köln) as a local public transport service provider is operating two hydrogen fuel cell busses under normal transport conditions ..read more