European Networks for Energy, Transport, Cities/Regions
ELTIS European Urban Mobility Portal; facilitates the exchange of information, knowledge and experiences in the field of urban mobility in Europe. UITP International Association.. More info >>
Related EU-funded Projects
Ongoing projects (state: September 2014): Fuel cell bus projects: High V.LO-City: Cities speeding up the integration of hydrogen buses in public fleets. The project aims at deploying 14.. More info >>
Hydrogen Vehicle Information
H2 MOBILITY A comprehensive list of hydrogen cars and buses from around the world and from the initial trials and experiments
Hydrogen and refuelling background information
H2 Stations A comprehensive list of hydrogen refuelling stations around the world.  Continuously updated as new stations come on line.
CHIC project presentation
This document provides a summary of the project status, highlights key achievements and also suggests some of the emerging issues which need to be tackled.. More info >>
Video: Ruter’s hydrogen buses in Oslo emit only water vapor
Ruter, Oslo's and Akershus' public transport operator and CHIC partner has published a new video on the five  hydrogen buses currently in operation in Oslo More info >>
Video: fuel cell buses in Euronews
The fuel cell Postbus has been featured in the Euronews documentary "Futuris", along with the fuel cell buses to be operated in Antwerp (Belgium). Watch the.. More info >>
Video: presentation of CHIC at the Hannover fair 2014
Watch here the presentation of the CHIC project during the Hannover fair 2014.
Watch the videos of CHIC in Bolzano!
STA-AG has created two video clips on the CHIC project in Bolzano: One short video clip (in German,Italian and with English subtitles) explains the benefits of.. More info >>