CHIC fuel cell buses and refuelling infrastructure are deployed in 9 cities.

Phase 1 cities, receiving co-funding support from the FCH JU: Aargau (CH), Bolzano/Bozen (IT), Milan (IT), London (UK), Oslo (NO)

  • 26 fuel cell buses deployed in their daily public transport fleets along with new hydrogen refuelling infrastructure
  • These regions are the ‘heart’ of CHIC – the expanding core of hydrogen transport in Europe
  • They represent the expansion of hydrogen powered transport in both numbers of regions and size of fleets

Phase 0 cities, co-funded by national/regional funding schemes: Hamburg (DE), Cologne (DE), Berlin (DE), Whistler (CA)

  • 30 fuel cell buses deployed in total during the project lifetime and 4 hydrogen ICE buses (in Berlin)
  • These regions have established hydrogen fuel cell bus projects which are funded from sources outside the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking
  • These are generally regions which have considerable learning and expertise in hydrogen powered transport which are shared with all other partners in CHIC

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