Aargau is a CHIC phase 1 city which is not a city, but a region! Within the region of Aargau 5 Fuel Cell Hydrogen buses will be deployed and 1 fuelling station will be installed which will produce hydrogen on site. They will use electrolyzers to produce clean hydrogen without CO2. Aargau is planning hydrogen bus operation for 5 years.

Postbus is the CHIC partner for the Aargau region and  is the largest provider of public transport in Switzerland. They have a fleet of approximately 2,000 buses operating on 761 lines with a line length of 10.345km. The buses travel approximately 100 million km per year. Approximately one third of the services are provided by PostBus personnel with the remaining two thirds by partner enterprises, which provide the services on behalf of Postbus.

The total staff of PostBus is approximately 3,500 persons.

PostBus has been active for 105 years in public transport in Switzerland and is the only bus company, which offers services throughout Switzerland. PostBus also offers important tourism services and provides public transport services in the Principality of Lichtenstein. PostBus commenced providing services in France in 2007 and is expanding these services.