Within CHIC, Milan will operate 3 fuel cell hybrid buses that will be operated with a planning basis of 12,000 hrs of operation in 5 years.

The partner overseeing the CHIC partner in Milan is ATM, Azienda Transporti Milanesi. ATM is the biggest public transport company in the north of Italy founded in 1931. Today ATM is managing the surface public transport in 72 suburbs of Milan with buses, trolleybuses, light trains and underground Metro services. The current fleet is about 1,350 auto buses, 150 trolleybuses, 460 light trains and 130 Metro trains on more than 100 inner city routes.

ATM also manages the underground of Copenhagen and different public services in the hinterland of Milan.

In the city of Milan over 2.0million clients daily use the local transport of ATM.

More than 65% of the distance travelled by ATM’s vehicles is accomplished using zero local emission vehicles (e.g. trolley buses etc). This includes 1.3 Megawatt of photovoltaic cells installed on two depots.

During the EXPO 2015 in Milan a couple of activities around hydrogen are planned where ATM will be participating with a fleet of hybrid buses and hydrogen powered buses.

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  1. donatella pavan on January 1, 1970 wrote:

    I would like to know when the bus will begin to circulate and to be used in Milan?
    thank you

    • moschoula on January 1, 1970 wrote:

      Dear Donatella,

      The fist bus is currently in testing in Milan (you might see it driving around the city). It will start running in the regular fleet and transporting passengers in one month approximately. We will add the announcement on our website as soon as the bus is running. The remaining buses will be added throughout the year.

      Best Regards,
      CHIC Team