BC Transit will support the technical and operational evaluation and optimization of the hydrogen buses and the infrastructure in Whistler, Canada as a ‘Phase 0’ city with input from their own demonstration project with hydrogen buses and the refuelling infrastructure in British Columbia. They will also share their dissemination experiences in relation to the Winter Olympics in 2010.


BC Transit (BCT) is the Provincial Crown Agency charged with coordinating the delivery of public transportation throughout British Columbia (outside the Greater Vancouver Regional District) and carried 47.6 million passengers in 2008/09. BCT has a fleet of 958 conventional and double-decker buses, minibuses and vans and annually spends c. $200 million on transit operations.

Relevant experiences

BC Transit is a leader in adopting new technologies that support sustainable practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The BCT fleet of twenty hydrogen FC buses will commence operation by the end of 2009 and will be operational over the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Whistler (2010).

Hydrogen will be supplied under a six year contract by Air Liquide. BC Transit was involved in the HyFLEET:CUTE project and showcased FC buses as part of the CUTE project. BCT is also a member of the Hydrogen Bus Alliance, co-operating internationally with other interested transit agencies. Closer to home they took a leadership role in the Hydrogen Highway™; the focal point of British Columbia’s Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Strategy and in the Canadian Transportation Fuel Cell Alliance.

See BC Transit website

See city of Whistler website

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