CHIC has been featured in the Issue 3 of the European public transport magazine Eurotransport, as part of the sustaionability supplement (see p58-61).

“Today, urban areas are increasingly concerned with air and noise pollution – a large part of which is caused by transport. In parallel, our societies are facing growing mobility needs. Cities have been actively searching for alternative solutions to provide their population with efficient, environmentally-friendly and comfortable public transport systems. In this time of changing mobility behaviours, London, Oslo, Milan, Bolzano and the Swiss canton of Aargau have added new buses to their fleet. ‘Hydrogen bus’, ‘autobus ad idrogeno’, ‘Brennstoffzellenbus’, ‘hydrogenbuss’ – you may have already seen those signs on your streets: those buses all have something in common, they are all part of CHIC, the Clean Hydrogen in European Cities project. Kerstin K. Müller – CHIC Coordinator, explains more…” Read the rest of the article here or below (p 58-61).