PostBus can be proud today to celebrate a special anniversary: the five fuel cell buses have driven 1 Million kilometers!

On 31 July 2015, the five fuel cell buses have achieved an important milestone: they have driven 1 million kilometre . This way, the buses, in operation since 2011, have proved than hydrogen and fuel cell technologies can be operated successfully in public transport. The fuel cell buses are used in daily operation like any other conventional bus, and offer special shuttle bus services at different events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos or the film festival in Locarno.

PostBus Switzerland AG has built a hydrogen refuelling station (in collaboration with Carbagas./Air Liquide), in order to produce hydrogen on-site to refuel the buses. Since the project started, 70 tons out of the 80 tons of hydrogen used to refuel the buses were produced in Brugg. The remaining 10 tons of hydrogen was delivered.

Hydrogen on-site production is 100% green: hydrogen is produced from renewable sources such as hydropower, solar energy, wind energy and biomasse. Thanks to the use of the five fuel cell PostBus, 1,200 tons CO2 emissions could be saved.

The bus drivers have received a special training and are therefore familiar with the technoloqy which they very much appreciate: the buses are more silent as their diesel counterparts, which is also enjoyable for the passengers.

The partners are currently assessing the opportunity of continuing the bus operation after the official end of the project in December 2016. In parallel, the technology is seen as a serious option in the car segment: some  manufacturers have started serial production of fuel cell cars.

PostBus is commited to reducing CO2 emissions and local air pollution. In addition to the 5 fuel cell buses, 31 diesel hybrid buses are in operation across Switzerland and three fully electric buses will be tested as of 2016.

The full press release  is available here in German, here in French and here in Italian.

The topic was featured on the German-speaking radio (emission “K-Punkt – Saubere Energie” of 04.08.2015, as of minute 27:00)

Pictures: © PostBus