Hochbahn, which operates the underground system and large parts of the bus system in Hamburg, has launched the very first “innovation line”in Europe, inaugurated on 18 December 2014. From that date onwards, low carbon and ultra-low carbon buses are tested on the bus line 109, used by some 15,000 passengers on a daily basis.

The following five different types of urban buses  are operating on  line 109:

  • Electric buses with an electric motor:
    • Fuel cell buses
    • Battery buses with fuel cell range extender
  • Hybrid buses with electric motor and diesel motor:
    • Diesel parallel hybrid buses
    • Diesel serial hybrid buses
    • Plug-in hybrid buses

Read more about the different vehicles types  and watch an explanatory videos describing each vehicle type here (in German)

The inauguration ceremony was hosted by Hamburg’s major, Olaf Scholz, who is strongly committed to deploying sustainable public transport. Hamburg’s target is to purchase only emissions free buses as of 2020. The start of operation of the “innovation line” will allow Hochbahn to test and benchmark different technologies under real-life conditions and make the appropriate purchasing choices.

Pictures: bus: Solaris Urbino 18,75 electric with fuel cell range extender (source: SOLARIS); innovation line route

Source:  Press release and general information on Hochbahn’s website (in German)

Please find below presse information about the innovation line (in German)

Please find below and here SOLARIS press release about the delivery of the Solaris Urbino 18,75 electric bus with fuel cell range extender