The Transport for London fuel cell bus fleet operates on the central Covent Garden-Tower Gateway route (RV1), where it has now clocked more than 107,000 hours of fuel cell operation and covered over 690,000 kilometres (428,000 miles), with fuel performance and reliability exceeding expectations.

Recently one of the fleet’s buses achieved its 20,000th hour of fuel cell operation, a significant operating performance milestone. Several other buses in the fleet are expected to reach this milestone in the near future as well.

As Mike Weston, Transport for London’s Director of Buses has stated, “We are very pleased with the performance of the fleet of fuel cell buses, as well as with the ongoing service and support that Ballard is providing. We remain committed to the achievement of our clean transportation goals and these buses are an important part of our solution.”

In keeping with this view, TfL signed an agreement with Ballard in June 2015 to extend operation of the fuel cell bus fleet for a further five years.

Source: Ballard