CHIC, the Clean Hydrogen In European Cities Project, is the essential next step leading to the full market commercialization of Fuel Cell Hydrogen powered (FCH) buses.

The project will provide results from demonstrations of 60 hydrogen buses. Of these, 26 FCH buses are directly funded by European Union Joint Undertaking for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen (FCH JU) and will operate in daily public transport operations in five locations across Europe – Aargau (Switzerland), Bolzano/Bozen (Italy), London (UK), Milan (Italy), and Oslo (Norway). The CHIC project is supported by the FCH JU with funding of 26 million Euros, and has 25 partners from across Europe, which include industrial partners for vehicle supply and refuelling infrastructure. The project is based on a staged introduction and build-up of FCH bus fleets, the supporting hydrogen refuelling stations, and infrastructure in order to facilitate the smooth integration of the FCH buses in Europe’s public transport system.

Of the 60 buses, 26 are directly funded under the CHIC project. The demonstration of the 26 buses thus falls under the “Phase 1” cities/regions of the project. The remaining buses are either funded through national, private, or other EU support mechanisms. These activities fall under the “Phase 0” cities/regions of the CHIC project. These Phase 0 regions are generally regions which have considerable learning and expertise in hydrogen powered transport which will be shared with all other partners in CHIC. Phase 0 regions are, to a large extent, the ‘leaders and teachers’.


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Posted on 9 September, 2011