Cologne has increased its hydrogen bus fleet with two fuel cell buses which will be delivered in the first quarter of 2014. The buses will be operated by Regionalverkehr Köln GmbH (RVK) in the Cologne region.

The two vehicles A330 FC will be supplied by Belgium based company Van Hool, who is also the supplier of the buses in Oslo. The procurement is funded by the European Funds for Regional Development and the state of North-Rhine Westphalia.

The buses have a length of 13,16 meter and with that have pretty much the same seize as a standard diesel bus. The Fuel Cell has a capacity of 150 kW power. The generated power is stored in a Lithium-Ion batteries with a capacity of 17,4 kWh. The buses are powered by two 85 kW electric engines. The capacity of the vehicles are 33 seats and 67 stands.

With procuring the buses the RVK is making a further step in fulfilling its goal of “Zero Emission” to realise a emission free public transport by 2030.