Phase 2 cities represent the cities or regions which will host future hydrogen bus demonstration in Europe. These cities will benefit from the dissemination work package of the project by gaining and learning from the experiences of the Phase 0 and Phase 1 cities within the CHIC project and applying the lessons learnt within their own cities or regions.

In assistance to the cities or regions that have interest in future Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus development, demonstration, and deployment, the CHIC project has established help-lines in which transport, city, or regional authorities may refer. Authorities may express their interests in becoming a new CHIC Phase 2 City and receive advice and assistance from experts in the fields of Hydrogen Infrastructure and Bus Demonstration on their individual city’s case.

CHIC Hydrogen Refuelling Infrastructure Help-line:

Infraserv GmbH & Co. Höchst KG
Tel. +49 69 305-17881

Callers may ask for Ashok Rastogi in reference to the CHIC helpline

English and German may be accommodated

CHIC Fuel Cell Hydrogen Bus Help-line:

Element Energy

Tel. +44 (0) 330 119 0989 // +44 20 3195 8119

Callers may ask for Ben Madden, or Roberto Zaetta in reference to the CHIC helpline;

English, Italian, and French may be accommodated