There is a lot of information already available on Hydrogen powered vehicles in general, and hydrogen powered buses in particular.   Some of this information has been carefully developed in consultation with science teachers in schools and is therefore educationally very sound.   Links to English and German (and some other language) sites are provided below.


Heading for the Future – The New Fuel Cell Buses

HH2 – Hamburg kommt an mit Wasserstoff

Start in die Zukuft

US Department of Energy Fuel Cell Animation

For Teachers

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Education Program
(Gravity Discovery Centre – Perth Western Australia)

The Online Fuel Cell Information Centre  
(available in Portuguese and Spanish too!)

The History of Hydrogen Powered Vehicles

HyWeb – the Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Information System in the Internet

For Students

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Student Zone
(Gravity Discovery Centre – Perth Western Australia)

Hydrogen Facts Sheets for Kids
(Department for Planning and Infrastructure – Perth Western Australia)

Das Hamburger Wasserstoffprojekt HH 2 im Unterricht

Alle Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellenfahrzeuge weltweit. Hersteller, Daten, Fotos

HyWeb – das Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Informations-System im Internet

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  1. Hanh Vandersloot on January 1, 1970 wrote:

    Because pure hydrogen does not occur naturally, it takes energy to manufacture it. There are different ways to manufacture it, such as, electrolysis and steam-methane reforming process. In electrolysis, electricity is run through water to separate the hydrogen and oxygen atoms. This method can be used by using wind, solar, geothermal, hydro, fossil fuels, biomass, and many other resources.'”-^

    Please do go look at our favorite blog

  2. Andres RIos on January 1, 1970 wrote:

    Great Project!!! I wish to see this project working in Bogota Colombia, where we have seriuos problems of pollution and fuel dependency.