Air Liquide Norway built, owns and operates the hydrogen station at Rosenholm bus garage on a contract with Ruter.

Hydrogenics Corporation (Belgium) has provided two HySTAT(TM) 60 electrolyzers, in containers.

The electrolyzers support a complete electrolysis-based fueling station.  The electrolyzers, capable of producing 250 kilograms per day of pure hydrogen, are based at the Rosenholm bus garage in Oppegård Municipality in the suburb of Oslo, Norway.

The hydrogen refueling station commenced its service in May 2012 and provide hydrogen to operate fuel cell buses for a five year period. The project reduces noise and improves the air quality in the Oslo area, in addition to reducing harmful emissions from public transport. The hydrogen is produced at the station from electricity from renewable sources. The hydrogen fueling station delivers 100% certified green hydrogen.

Main performances hydrogen production

Application Refuelling a fleet of 5 buses per day
Daily capacity in GH2 250 kg (1435 liter) / 24h
Bus tank capacity 35 kg each
Refuelling pressure 350 bar
Refuelling time Standard refuelling time: All 5 buses to be filled within 2 hours (during the night). Bus no 1 in 10 min. Bus no 5 in 18 min.
Availability of the HRS 98% of the year
Noise Sound pressure < 60 dB(A) at 10 meters.
Compliant EC Machinery Directive
Hydrogen source (HRS feeding) Type : 2 electrolysers in containers, each 60 Nm3/h
Pressure : 10 bar abs
Purity > 99,99%
Dewpoint < -60°C at atm pressure.
Gasquality in accordance with SAEJ2719


Outdoors or indoors Outdoors, under shelter and protective walls around the compressor and valves / instruments skid
Ambient temperature -30/+35 °C, or recorded country data
Relative Humidity Up to 100%
Local specific regulation CE, PED EC/97/23, other country regulations where applicable
Weight 5700 kg each compressor, buffer 58 000 kg, electrolyser 18800 kg each


Type Diaphragm, 2 compressors in parallel
Flow capacity Minimum 250 kg / day at 10 bar abs inlet pressure

HRS equipments (other than compressor skid)

Dispenser integrated in HRS or remote located Remote located, max distance = 10m from HRS
Dispenser lines 350 bar line for buses, interface TK16 HF (WEH standard)
Buffer tanks Buffer 10 bars: 1 H2 V18 Bundle 200 bars (900 litres).   Buffer 400 bars: 6 cylinders 440 bar, 12000 liters (12 m3) for the standard refueling time.
Winterisation system Included
HMI Siemens touch panel 12’’